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What is Shopify and how does it work?

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your online store to sell your products. Shopify is now one of the leading online commerce platforms that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The software is subscription-based and is also appropriate for individuals with physical store locations with Shopify POS. 

With a subscription, you can launch your business, beginning by choosing a store template that expresses the look and feel of your brand. Furthermore, SEO and marketing tools are built into the system, facilitating online visibility. This is crucial when starting an online business in order for your target audience to find your products and services. With the competitive nature of e-commerce, it is search engine optimization will be the engine of your business endeavor. 

What can you sell? Shopify is not limited to only online psychical product purchases. You can also sell: 

  • Digital products such as ebooks, e-classes, email templates 
  • Services and Consultation, whether you are an architect, interior designer, life coach, or dentist, your customers can book consultations on your website 
  • Memberships such as subscription boxes 
  • Tickets and ticket-based experiences 
  • Rentals are even possible on a Shopify platform 

What does a Shopify subscription include: 

  • Online Storefront: First and foremost you will have an online hosted site. The site is customizable, with the number of pages, the look, and the theme. Then you can go ahead and upload your blogs, and inventory that you want to sell. Shopify will take care of the security, software, and updates.    
  • Payment Processing: Shopify offers all major payment options for your online store available in 133 currencies. 
  • Shipping: Shopify has various shipping options that are appropriate for all businesses from bulk orders to small shipments. Live tracking, quick shipping, and even curbside pickup are all available. 
  • Analytics: Real-time activity can be seen providing a deeper understanding of your shop visitors and examine your business performance.   
  • App: manage your business and keep on track from anywhere using the Shopify app.    
  • Customer service: 24/7 help is available with Shopify customer support for any user inquiries. 
  • Digital Marketing: Along with the platform to launch your business Shopify’s marketing platform helps users reach more people and customers using the built-in SEO system. 

Shopify is a holistic all-in-one e-commerce platform. It is perfect for individual business owners that are seeking independence. Having everything you need to get started all in one place, has got you covered. It brings business experts, developers, and shoppers together in one place. 

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